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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  May 26, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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. now at noon, those who gave their lives in service for our country. be a good boy. >> three people are among the victims killed in the rampage. what friends are saying about one of those victims. a mask men -- man opened fire and police are on the search for that gunman.
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>> this is k ktvu news at noon. honoring those who gave their lives for our country, this is the national cemetery at the presidio, here is more on why one is the focus here. >> reporter: we have quite a few people here quite a few hundred and they have come from all over the area to be here and this year they are paying tribute from those who are deployed from right here in the presidio. for most veterans memorial day comes but once a year. and is filled with pomp and
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circumstance. he was a vietnam vet for two years. he was a vietnam vet for two years and can't forget his procedures. >> the event marks 50 years marking the conflict in vietnam. it feels like unfinished business. the purple heart recipient struggled and he suffered a brain injury, fought a nasty addiction to cocaine and he still lives with survivors guilt. >> i feel so bad, i'm sorry... if i had -- i would love to go back there and finish what we started. >> this memorial day, he is a
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among the 2500 spectators, his mind wanders to vietnam. >> i am still there and i always will be there. >> so if you have a chance to celebrate this memorial day barbecues and traffic, a simple thank you just may go a who way. >> for memorial dale a for and your -- a plaque bearing the name of those who died in combat. and those in novato, more
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than 600 veterans are laid to rest at that cemetery are you which included the laying of raves 600 people and musical taps. we will on are those who lost their lives at 7:00 and they are very important. one eye tee is replacing series of copt sewers -- sculptures or another is creating a small spark and through 0 who has
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fall end. they fit mow notes that -- noted that this was the creation of the darlington cemetery pause the 'them weep may each mean the free point and of the report hours there he meet with senior militaries as well as traps by couldn't
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together and just go to look under hot topics. sheriff's officials in santa barbara have confirmed the three people dead in elliot rogers apartment the. and we are making plans to bring their families home. >> we spoke to them a few hours ago and she said joint chain is going tomorrow to from friends say the family is devastated by the loss of their son 19-year- old george chen. he had a strong desire to make the world a better place. >> he was a very ghoul and he
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tried to help people too. in into is in his fan manifest, it it they say his relationship with roger was complicated and they say at one point roger had him arrested. >> in such warm from his room and 44 wall who are in veil.
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and the sheriff's office and chris tape captain ktvu channel 2 morning news. one of the survive willing victims is from alamo elliot wanted him with them car, they were at the usual tap and they are recall a 100,000 and his deadly ram pain took 6 lives near the uc university campus.
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that is accordedelling to it frustrated and upset over hits parent's divorced and not successful with women. he killed six people before turning fun on its and he will why the ramp jersey was weren'ted to fit every. am drop and ramp engineer talked about his -- roger talked about his plans. >> he said i am going to kill them and kill myself and i
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remember him saying that. >> police believe he has been working overtime about -- be front as of now. >> he writes in his manifesto, if police had searched his home, they would have found his weapons end his represent pop position. >> they need to treat it lookings, it. >> and to help those who are most vulnerable who can't help themselves and can't get
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treatment for their these. >> they will that i can and we have more on pooh up hot who'd am apple are searching for for a masked man who opened fire on a parked car and end nation why fired several shots and ignatius why fired several shots and then special education sped away. the reason behind the push that takes some people off the list and it's nice outside
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right now, rosemary roscoe -- rosemary orozco will be when he was struck and what -- what was was he perhaps doing after the crash, somebody came to his aim. came to his aid.
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. >> sex offenders could be could be taken off the registry and right now they are required to register for life. they claim the list has gotten too large and there are those who are not likely to rio february. -- re offend. they should be required to register for life while others have to register every 10 to 20 years. a person is detained after a woman is found in her bed. they were called to royal palm drive after they found her in her back bedroom and they say
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she is married but not home and they say the family is devastated. >> they have been grieving as anybody would expect and they have been nothing but cooperative with us. >> the home is house to extended members but none reported seeing or hearing and extended memories. it happened yesterday morning on highway 101 near santa rosa. chp officer josh rutledge broke both his legs during a traffic stop. suddenly, the man who was about to get a ticket rushed to help the injured officer. >> i had to think fast so i started pulling him out.
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>> chp said the -- chp said the woman who hit the officer fell asleep behind the wheel after working in roaner park. and the freeway is set to reopen at 5:00 tomorrow morning. the construction work has shut down a two mile stretch of 280 between king and caesar char visit street. -- chavez streets. this will not be the only closure and the project is scheduled for the july 4th and holiday weekend to replace the northbound direction of 280. emergency workers and contra costa county said 16 people were hospitalized during an outdoor concert. temperatures hit 90 degrees
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during the afternoon and with similar heat today, they have urged everybody to drink plenty of walter and stay in the shade during this memorial day. our warm weather pattern will hold on one more day. temperatures are going back to upper 80s and 90s, giving you a lit president and along the coast it will be dusty at times. no sign -- gusty at times. no sign of rain and a very comfortable upper 60s to lower 70s almost 70 degrees if you are headed to the at&t for the game and that will be nice mild to warm and half-moon pay it
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will be a little breezy out there. you can see the arrow coming from the west but it is still very calm, half-moon bay gusting already. so a transition is taking place, i see it, we just can't fill it just yet. it's right off the coast of the dash coast. it has proud up seasonable. -- unseasonal. upper #0s -- 80s in the bay and inland it is another warm one, low 90s for antioch, and santa clara a lot of #0s to go around
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83 for san jose, 83 for loss dos and saratoga. 81 for redwood city along the coastline, so i have a notable drop, we will hold steady for wednesday and then going in with a minor slow down and temperatures will be comfortable all the way into next weekend. the contra costa sheriff's department is kicking off its water safety program. they are patrolling the waters and that's because nobody needs to get a license to get a boat. >> that is why we want with
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pass a test before you can drive a boat but driving and driving a boat can end with a citation. they are searching for three men after a large mudslide. the slide hit in the town of call burn, two miles long 2- mile wide. deputies said it sounded like a freight train and no structures or major roads were affected. they ordered 1,000 homes and businesses to evacuate in the face of a huge wind fire to
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the south of ache wrong roof and his pilgrim and had a holocaust vigil and par it will be the last super and pray at the molely wall. hidden cash, just waiting, a mystery around whoever keeps hiding from somewhat whatever keeps doing it.
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how. >> some colleges are pushing back on the plan to develop the rating system to compare graduation rates, the amount of student debts and the income levels of students after they graduate. they could use that rating to decide how to distribute student loans and grants. such a system would place too much emphasis on the economics of education at the expense of cultural growth. two students may have discovered something that could change you are understanding of the universe. he came across a stellar object
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and just a week later, michael sandoval reported an ultracompact galaxy. they both used free information from the hovel space telescope. and they are $70 million richer and they may not know it. somebody matched all six numbers saturday night and the winning numbers you see on the screen, 11, 13, 23, 27 and 29 and the meganumber 10, it was purchased at the safe way at the sunset district and he has 180 days to claim his prize. an and month mouse person -- anonymous person has been hiding and tweeting cash.
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the person behind the account claims to have made money in real estate and new wants to share the wealth. thank you for making ktvu channel 2 news your choice and you can always follow us on twitter and facebook have a great day.
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alex paen: right now we need your help to locate the many children and adults who are missing. [captioning made possible by telco productions, inc.] alex: thanks for joining us. i'm alex paen. you may not know is


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